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Cornshuck and Appleheaded Dolls

Ganell Marshall

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with Cornshuck bodies

Granny - Gramps on bench

Appleheaded dolls - Special Edition Granny and Gramps on bench

Appleheaded Gramps with fiddle - stool


Granny in chair, knitting Gramps in chair, reading
Old timey Preacher with stand Shoe cobbler
Old Gent on bench
Pilgrim man
Granny and Gramps on bench Pilgrim lady with basket
Granny with cane, or Gramps with cane, or
broom, churn, hoe, basket fiddle, guitar, banjo, hoe or rifle & jug
Indian with tomawk Indian woman with basket
Granny with sp wheel Granny with washtub
Storekeeper with buyer, 3 pcs. Hobo on bench
Giving Thanks--3 pcs. Country doctor 3 pcs
Granny with "bitter dose"-3 pcs Mending fence 3 pcs.
Betsy Ross with flag, in chair  


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