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Meet the "Cornshuck Lady"

Ganell Marshall, cornshuck lady, teaching a student at LF Addington School, Wise VA


I have been making dolls since 1960; joining Southern Highlands Handicrafts Guild (this is now Southern Highlands Crafts Guild) in 1962. With this hobby, I was able to keep myself occupied while I reared our sons. Making cornshuck dolls filled the days that the boys were in school and my husband was at work. Being involved in this craft also gave me quality time with my mom (Nellie McConnell-weaving, spinning, and quilting) and mother-in-law (Emma Marshall - cornshuck dolls) as we traveled to craft's meetings and shows.

Since my family came first, I limited my 'shows' of cornshuck dolls and later appleheaded dolls to the local ones. MECC started Home Crafts Days early on. I was able to take in some of the Southern Highland Crafts Guild 'Craftsman's Fair' over the years. My work was exhibited across the nation in quality gift shops, museums, Smithsonian Institute. I have been privileged to work at some of the more renowned crafts fair - artisan shows across the nation. Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Foundation chose the country dolls to include on the White House Christmas tree and then later my treetop angels were featured on the tree in the Blue Room at the White House.

While I still make dolls, I concentrate today on preserving the family heritage of the craft as well as trying to teach the young people of today how to make the dolls - of having the joy of producing a useful, or decorative object with one's own hands. The practice of re-cycling and re-using is perpetuated in making cornshuck and appleheaded dolls, etc..

One must furnish references for me to set up a display - exhibit - demonstration - lecture. For further details on this, write to the address below.

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