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Woman milking cow


cornshuck lady spinning

Woman with spinning wheel
cornshuck doll

Grandma in chair, knitting Farmer, plowing with horse
Grandpa in chair, reading paper Cowboy on horse
Woman with sp wheel Cowgirl on horse
Mountaineer, rifle and jug Farmer with hoe
Woman with washtub Mountain musician with fiddle, or guitar or banjo each
Banjo picker on stool Boy on donkey
Farmer's wife holding apron Peddlar with pack donkey
Little girl, jumping rope Rifleman with gun
Old prospector w/pack mule Lady in carriage
Lad with tricycle Boy's daydream
Mother, little girl with doll Little boy with hoop
Little girl with doll Little girl with hoop
Woman, sweeping with broom Little girl in chair with dog
Woman with basket Scarecrow
Woman churning Witch
Party girl with umbrella fodder shocks set of 3
Boy on fence pumpkins, set of 3
Girl on fence Witch on broom, cat
Bronco buster on horse Boy in tree
Folk Dancer, sm lapel pin Girl in tree
Bookmarkers, varied colors  


Farmer's wife

Mountainer, rifle, & gun


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Christmas with Cornshucks
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Nursery Rhymes
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