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Cornshuck and Appleheaded Dolls

By Ganell Marshall
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Cornhusk Doll


History of cornhusk doll making

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The art of making dolls is age-old. The corn shuck doll is said to have originated with the Native Americans - Indians. The pioneers adapted whatever materials were at hand to make playthings for their children. The cornshuck dolls has evolved from just a husk taken from the ear of corn, tied to show a head and arms to what it seen today--a shaped character doll that had 'life' to it and it's accessories.

Cornshuck dolls are made from cornshuck that have been dampened, striped in pieces, wrapped around an wire armature; with bedspread cotton to tie off the strips of corn shucks. Shucks are dyed vivid colors. Woolen rolags, flax, and/or cotton is used to simulate hair and beard. Faces are painted on using India Ink that is available in beautiful colors.




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