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Storybook Characters

Tom Sawyer with his fishing pole and can of worms

Snow White Acorn Drum with churn
7 different dwarfs Rumplestilskin, sp wheel
Po' L'l Hannib'l, satchel Tom Sawyer, fishing pole
Huck Finn, satchel Huck, Tom & Becky on raft
Little Eva with doll Pied Piper with flute
Goldilocks, bowl, and spoon Cinderalla lost her shoe
Alice of Wonderland Red Riding Hood
Alice character -White Rabbit Red R H characters,- Woodman, Granny, wolf
Alice characters -Queen, etc. each Easter Bunny with basket
Little Goose Girl and goose Goose boy and goose
Mother Goose riding goose Brer Fox
  Brer Rabbit

Red Riding Hood, woodcutter, and Grandma

Tom Sawyer with his fishing pole and can of worms stands behind Jackie Horner who is eating his Christmas pie.

"He stuck in his thumb
and pulled out a plum
and said, "Oh, what a good boy am I."

Huck Finn

Huck Finn is tired of traveling.He has sat down to rest with is bundle of clothes attached to a pole, lying across his legs. Poor tired Huck.


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